Spacecat Media is your solution to affordable, distinctive internet presence. We cater to the entrepreneur who know they need to be on the World Wide Web, but neither have the time or expertise to create and maintain an effective web-site. The following will answer some frequently asked questions.What services do we offer?
We specialize in web site design and production. We build to suit your needs with custom graphics or the use of existing material. We are capable of providing dynamically interactive multi-media. We also provide site maintenance services to sites created in-house or by outside parties.What about site hosting?
Our clients have their choice of either having their site hosted by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) of their choice, or allowing Spacecat Media to arrange this for you.

What will it cost?
Cost is determined by two factors, scope and features. By scope, we refer to the size of the project (images, content, and artwork), not the actual size of the site. Are these elements in existence, or do they need to be created? Another factor affecting price is the level of interactivity of the web site. Do you require any specialized Multi Media or scripts? Is there an e-commerce element to the site? Is your purpose more of a branding / informational nature?

At Spacecat Media we are pleased to offer you a quote based on a free consultation to determine exactly what you require. Contact us at spacecat @live.ca for more information.